Update: Ademo found guilty

By William R. Toler

Adam Mueller, known among the liberty crowd in “the Shire” as Ademo Freeman, was found guilty Monday¬†of three felony counts of wiretapping by a New Hampshire jury.

The founder of Cop Block was sentenced to one year with 9 months suspended, meaning he’ll spend 3 months in a cage for recording conversations with public officials while seeking comment regarding an incident at a local high school. The incident at the root of the actions which spurred the conviction involved a school resource officer slamming a student’s head into a lunchroom table.

The charges carry a maximum penalty of seven years each, which could have landed Freeman in a cage for 21 years…all for trying to hold public officials and employees responsible for their actions.

He also recieved 5 years probation. If he violates it, which is likely, he could spend three years in a cage at the state prison. He is currently serving 60 days for chalking a police station.

Freeman decided to face a jury for two main reasons. First, he advocates not taking plea deals and thought he would seem a hypocrite had he taken one. He also wanted a chance to inform the jury of their right to nullify unjust laws.

A complete account of the trial was written by Freeman’s partner in crime (so to speak) Pete Voluntaryist Eyre at CopBlock.org.



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