Two out of five ain’t bad: Some charges dropped in Billyrock case

By William R. Toler

Two of the five charges against Amanda Billyrock have been dropped, according to the “adorable anarchist” herself.billyrock_new

Friday afternoon, she posted an update on her Facebook page “on the false crusade against me by a few individuals who call themselves ‘the state of New Hampshire.’” The two accusations no longer being levied are the charges of possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence.

It is unclear at the time of this writing if her state permission to drive (license) has been reinstated.

Three more allegations remain: open container, disobeying an officer and resisting arrest. (The latter two can be combined to make “contempt of cop.”)

Since her December arrest in Laconia, N.H., Billyrock has released several video statements. She had initially posted the video of the arrest after being released from a night in a cage, but promptly removed it. In one video, she addressed the charges individually.

Her most recent statement, posted Jan. 2, Billyrock talked about the night in a bit more detail. In reference to the “violent tendencies” of arresting officer Michael Armstrong, she says: “He threatened to smash in my car window within 60 seconds of approaching my car.” A caption also flashes on the screen stating that Armstrong failed to inform her why she was pulled over in the first place…which is still unclear.

Billyrock goes on to claim (I say claim because I wasn’t there and I need a different word than a conjugation of the word “say”) that her charges were fabricated after she arrived at the police station. She says she remained silent, as she had during the traffic stop. After not responding to an “order” to take a sobriety test, she says her license was automatically revoked and she was charged with DUI.

“They then took my belongings and began to go through them,” she continued. The individuals at the station then went through her purse “and demanded to know HIPPA protected information: ‘What is this? What are these for?’” Since she refused to answer, Billyrock says they tacked on the “felony possession of narcotics”…the other charge now dropped.

“This is how all the charges were brought about,” she said, “through fabrication. The more I didn’t speak, the more charges they made up on the spot.”

Billyrock says she was denied a blanket once taken to a cage, and denied her phone call forĀ  seven hours.

You can watch the full video at the bottom of this post.

Billyrock’s case proves that the presumption of innocence no longer exists.

It is alleged that the burden of proof lies on the State. But, if you refuse a sobriety test, your state permission to drive is automatically revoked without due process or evidence of any “crime.”

Just last year, the unSupreme Court ruled that unless you verbally invoke the Fifth Amendment, your “right to remain silent” can be used against you. And that’s exactly what happened here.



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