There goes the Judge

By William R. Toler

Shortly after 4 pm, FOX Business Network announced a reshuffling of programming which included cancelling Freedom Watch hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Photo Courtesy FOX News

And Libertarians across the country are pissed.

In a press release, the network announced that encore presentations of “the channel’s top post-market programs” would be aired, and three programs would get the ax. That’s right…they’re cancelling the Judge for reruns!

“We look forward to Judge Napolitano…continuing to make significant contributions to both FOX Business and FOX News,” said Kevin Magee, executive vice-president of the network. “In addition to daily branded segments, each of them will be showcased throughout future programming on both networks.”

The release also stated: “Judge Napolitano will continue his role on both FOX Business and FOX News…providing key legal insights surrounding the growing intersection between Washington and Wall Street.”

But that reassurance by the network hasn’t quelled the outrage expressed by Libertarians and Constitutionalists who see the Judge as one of the last bastions of truth, law and order.

The news spread like wildfire on Facebook with people calling for a boycott of the network until Freedom Watch is restored. Other posts listed the contact information for executives. Several pages were started in support of the show (one boasting 2,500 “likes” by midnight), and a petition is posted at with 2300 signatures.

Many fans of the show believe the show was cancelled because of Napolitano’s no-nonsense attitutde, calling out both the right and the left when they do wrong. The Judge has also been a staunch advocate of Libertarian ideals, trying to keep the police state in check¬†and a¬†supporter of Ron Paul.

So…to do my part:

Irena Briganti, Senior Vice President
Media Relations
Phone: 212-301-3608
Fax: 212-819-0816




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  1. Richard

    Who cares. This person, the judge, never once made a positive statment. It was always: maybe, could be, what if, might be, etc. He was just an overpaid blow hard. My opinion, he got tired of doing a show every day.

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