The more things change…

It’s now been seven years since the first issues of the Independent Register rolled off the presses at Carteret Publishing.

This was after a grueling weekend of crisscrossing Craven County covering multiple community events and local high school football games and all-night writing and designing benders.

The past year has brought a lot of changes for the founders, both personally and professionally.

Corey got engaged…William got divorced.

After 6 years with Freedom Communications, Corey left his post as city editor of the Shelby Star and moved back east of I-95 and has taken the helm as online editor for The Wilson Times. Ironically, his last day with Freedom was the last day of Freedom, as the libertarian newspaper chain sold it’s Carolina holdings to Halifax Media Group. He has also penned several editorials which have been reposted here.

Eric moved back east prior to Corey’s relocation, completed his college coursework and graduated with an Associate in Arts in English from Craven Communinty College…the place where it all started for the trio. He is currently working on editing his first novel for future publication.

William has since been officially absorbed into the news department (from production) and is the video editor for the dual-station operation, responsible for the content of five nightly newscasts. His co-workers depend on his creativity and local knowledge, earning him the nickname “Will-o-pedia.”

Although the focus has changed slightly, the Independent Register still maintains the fiery spirit it started with, and resurrected four years ago on the World Wide Web. The libertarian philosophy of the founders shines through each post advocating smaller government, fewer laws and accountabilty of officials.

Over the years, each member has grown in his understanding of freedom…Eric, especially. In the second print issue, he wrote an op-ed piece demonizing marijuana. Today, he supports decriminalization of the plant. He constantly thirsts after knowledge, learning more about liberty each day.

The journey William has been on for nearly a decade has led him nearer to a voluntaryist approach. He has been following the work of liberty activists across the country and is starting to work on a book of his own. Recently he was made an adminstrator for Carolinas Cop Block, a decentralized offshoot of the orgainzation founded by Ademo Freeman (currently caged) and Pete Eyre.

The Independent Register joined the World Blogosphere network within the past year, joining blogs on a variety of topics ranging from conspiratorial (Extraordinary Intelligence) to a submission-based outlet to show off pictures taken with cellphones. Thanks to Natalina and Gene for all the work they did on transferring all of the posts and images from the previous host…and everything else.

We’d like to thank our friends and family for their support from the begining. A special “Thank You” goes out to James White, Adam Carlson, Carlos Miller, Clyde Voluntaryist, Zac Goldstein, Jennifer Nicole Howard and Justin Chick who have either contributed or allowed us to repost from their own blogs. And as usual, thanks to our most faithful reader and commenter Richard Evey.

We hope to continue to bring our readers stories that matter with our views on why they’re important. Thanks for reading.



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  1. Richard

    You go guys and girls, that is not PC but I do not care. It was good to hear from all of you and that things are going well. MAYBE after the elections, I will be in the mood to write.

  2. indieregister

    Had to give you a shoutout Richard. You’re one of our most devoted readers! And you are always welcome to contribute.

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