The false Left-Right Paradigm

By Victor Pross

The world has been besieged by politicians, demagogues, and media pundits alike. From the talking heads of television towers to the cut-and-paste political caricature hacks of mainstream newspapers, every authority figure in American culture is crying out, warning us of every conceivable  Рand, very frankly, imaginary Рenemy possible Рall of it designed to distract us from the real enemy: the state.

Artwork by Victor Pross (center)

Artwork by Victor Pross (center)

They are keeping the average person in a constant state of propagandized frenzy, where terrorists (and other sundry dangers) lurks behind every blade of grass. What these state boot lickers and media charlatans fail to mention, however, is that terrorism is only a symptom of an even more deadly and insidious import: tyranny – more specifically, the tyranny of the mind.

Famous evil master manipulators like Julius Caesar and Adolph Hitler understood that the most efficient way to dominate a people is to make them believe there are no other realistic alternatives – that either the people allot the state greater and even greater power in order to stave off “danger” and “calamity”, however they define it.

Caesar captured Gaul (roughly modern France) by inciting civil war between the Celtic tribes who inhabited the area, encouraging them via a bombardment of propaganda and manipulation to attack and annihilate one another to the point of total exhaustion. This allowed the future Dictator For Life to march in to (and out of) Gaul not only a hero, but a savoir as well. Through his divide and conquer techniques, Caesar portrayed himself to be the only assurance of peace, and through this campaign of propaganda, controlled much of the world.

20th century dictator Adolph Hitler patterned his future empire along similar lines. Hitler pushed the idea of racial purity, and trumped racial and religious hatred to such a degree that an estimated 6 million people were murdered in concentration camps. While isolating Jews, Communists, and “enemies of the State” as dangerous and treasonous elements of society, Hitler quickly eliminated the German (and several other European) people of basic rights of free speech, free-markets, religious freedoms and privacy. This was done in the name of “national security”.

By such masterful use of propaganda, Caesar and Hitler narrowly and erroneously defined the problems of society while simultaneously portraying themselves as the only possible solutions, allowing both tyrants to win the first and most important challenge: the battle for the minds of the people. Through the same basic tactics, both men gained absolute control over their respective societies.

Unfortunately, these tactics of control haven’t been relegated to a dusty history book. They continue to rage around those of us in America today.

The American culture of today is being assaulted along the same lines that Caesar and Hitler used long ago.

Americans are falling prey to such tactics in growing numbers with every passing year. They are truly a divided people, who agree or disagree along party, ethnic, racial and religious lines. Much like the priests of centuries past, no decision can be made without first consulting our appointed political or social “leaders”. They take sides with differing factions within the country, arguing about single issues that are presented for the sole purpose to divide people into isolated groups. They are only social fictions, walking yakking caricatures who dubbed themselves as “conservatives” or “liberals” or “Catholics” or “Protestants” or hawks or doves, black or white.

The people of America are divided among many lines, ultimately under the confines of a system of “Right” and “Left”. Much like the German people of the 1930s, they are isolated from a clear perspective. Much like the beleaguered Celts, they are so distracted by civil war of Right and Left.

They aren’t aware of that the country is vanishing before their eyes.

The truth is, there is no right or left. There is only right and wrong.

The Ruling elite – both right and left – and their ardent followers would have you believe otherwise. They would have you believe that “right” is whatever particular party they belong to, and wrong is the political opposition. The fact is: both parties and most mainstream organizations funnel into the same end result: total control

I am here today to tell you that the real enemy is this: the state versus the individual.

So what is the solution? The truth. Understanding what is happening in Congress today. Learning what laws are being passed, what bills are being considered, what executive orders are being signed snuffing out the last vestiges of a free society. Take full advantage of alternative media in order to educate yourself. FREE YOUR MIND and focus on the bigger picture, beyond the confines of partisan politics. It is only blood drenched sophistry and lies that are to be found.

The actual saviour is thus: the principle of non-aggression, of self-ownership, voluntaryism – of freedom from physical force. The real enemy is forever and always: the state.

Victor Pross is an artist and anarchist from Canada. A book of his artwork, Icons & Idols: Pop Goes the Culture, is available at his website.



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