The Independent Register extends posthumous print edition thank-yous to the following people who helped make our dreams a reality:

The Friedman, Toler and Voliva families for their unconditional love and unquestioning support

Evan Brinkley for supplying sodas, pizzas, movies and encouragement

Independent Register founders share champagne in three comical cups at the paper's 2005 launch

Independent Register founders share champagne in three comical cups at the paper's 2005 launch

David and Brandy Carta for introducing us to Salad Fingers

Lockwood Phillips for providing advice and support

Stephen Lewis for the thoughtful and enriching words in his editorial page column, “Spunky Diablo’s Laundromat.”

Sandra Ervin Adams for her musings on the majesty of Craven County living

Jamie Scharbrough for being a dependable stringer, an interesting source and Corey’s all-around favorite person

Danelle Wylder for bringing her unique perspectives and sense of style to Fort Insanity

Tony Tharp for exemplifying the fiery spirit of the alternative press

Dr. Michael Towarnicky for providing financial support that kept the presses rolling

Art and Ruth Manning for sharing stories and tips on the independent newspaper biz

Jessica Simpson for believing in us and covering football games

Mitzi Ponce and Paul Fairbank for encouragement, advertising and “Breakfast with the Dockmaster”

Bobby and Kristyl Wagner for being fair landlords and good friends

Richard C. Evey for writing thought-provoking and bold letters to the editor

Our readers for giving us the joy of knowing that our words and images did make a difference, however small, in your lives

3 Responses to Thanks

  1. FreddieMoore

    Lockwood Phillips? Host of “Limited Viewpoints” ?You must be kidding…talk about a trough feeder and one who ignores the Moral Imperative, and the Freedom of Speech

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  3. hillbilly

    thanks to the gracious neighbors for not calling the cops on the sometimes boisterous post-production celebrations.

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