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Cantwell kicked out of Free State Project for ‘aggressive’ speech

By William R. Toler Every group has drama. It’s gonna happen. For the past several days, there has been tension brewing in New Hampshire (and across the “liberty movement”) for the Free State Project board’s decision to excommunicate activist Chris … Continue reading


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A look back at Oklahoma

By Richard C. Evey April 19, 2010: 15 years since the Alfred P.¬†Murrah Federal Building (MFB) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was bombed. The story goes that Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and a third unknown person(?), loaded a rental truck with … Continue reading

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Another Waco?

By Richard C. Evey Libertarian/Patriot I have often wondered and people have asked me: When will the government stop the over taxation, over spending, abuse of our freedom, the unconstitutional laws, endless wars, abuse of power and when will the … Continue reading

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