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Thoughts on minarchism

By Will Porter Minarchists claim that we need to have an institution who levies taxation just for some essential services. They claim that without this agency doing this, we would have all kinds of terrible problems, starving children, etc. Voluntaryists … Continue reading

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The false Left-Right Paradigm

By Victor Pross The world has been besieged by politicians, demagogues, and media pundits alike. From the talking heads of television towers to the cut-and-paste political caricature hacks of mainstream newspapers, every authority figure in American culture is crying out, … Continue reading

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Random thoughts of a borderline anarchist Part 1: Roots of a radical

By William R. Toler It’s sort of a running joke around the office that I’m the “free speech, anti-government guy.” In fact, that’s often how the executive producer introduces me to newcomers. (Despite the fact that there are at least … Continue reading

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