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A look back at 2013

Another year is in the can and another begins. That means it’s time for another obligatory year-in-review story, or as Contributing Editor Corey Friedman says: “It’s time to do this thing we do infrequently.” [We haven’t done one the past … Continue reading

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Medical cannabis advocate arrested

By William R. Toler Medical cannabis activist Robert Dorr wanted to get arrested. Wednesday night, he got his wish. His brother tells the Independent Register that Dorr was arrested Wednesday evening and is, at the time of this writing, in … Continue reading


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Medical marijuana advocates support Stimson

By William R. Toler HENDERSONVILLE, NC– “Different strains for different pains.” That was one of the chants shouted outside the Henderson County Courthouse Friday as nearly two dozen people came out to support Todd Stimson and medical marijuana. Most supporters … Continue reading


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Libertarians protest exclusion

By William R. Toler While Sen. Richard Burr and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall were inside the studios of University of North Carolina Television trading accusations, a small group of ┬ápeople stood outside signaling their discontent. They weren’t just expressing … Continue reading

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