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N.C. men fighting for patients’ rights to medical marijuana

By William R. Toler Two men. Two cases. One plant. One cause. Although separated by 140 miles, Todd Stimson and Robert Dorr are fighting the same fight in the courts: the right of all people to use cannabis as a … Continue reading

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Cash, property taken from Pitt County businesses in raid

By William R. Toler Earlier this month, heavily-armed gangs stormed nearly 30 Pitt County businesses in a calculated heist, stealing more than $30,000 in cash and other property. Sounds horrible, right? Mainstream news accounts read something more like this: Police … Continue reading

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NC medical cannabis grower raided

By William R. Toler Last Thursday, men with guns broke into Todd Stimson’s home to steal plants. Stimson says he was brushing his teeth when he noticed police cars from the bathroom window. As he was going out to meet … Continue reading


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Where is your ‘line in the sand’?

By Eric Voliva I have a question for you; it’s not meant to be answered, nor is its purpose to cause angry discourse. It’s a question that I ask solely for your serious–and internal–consideration; and I sincerely hope you do … Continue reading

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Usama inconsistencies

By William R. Toler The more we learn about the alleged incident with Usama bin Laden, the less we know. The official story coming from the White House and the mainstream media has more holes then bin Laden…if that was … Continue reading

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