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Onslow Sheriff’s shenanigans could cost his badge

By William R. Toler Poor wording, Freudian slip or blatant declaration? A campaign ad for Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown contains a line that is disturbing to those who are conscious of the growing police state. The controversial section reads: … Continue reading


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Snow curfews an abuse of power

By Corey Friedman [Note: This post was originally written as an editorial for The Wilson Times following the storm that blanketed eastern North Carolina with snow and ice the last week of January.] Wilson County officials told residents to use … Continue reading

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Tanks, secrets and guns

By William R. Toler It’s the beginning of the week, but there are already several stories hitting the wires that you may or may not have seen yet. The city of Concord, NH is gearing up to acquire a tank. … Continue reading


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Couple cuffed for lit near Liberty Bell

By William R. Toler Oh, sweet irony. A video recently posted on YouTube features a man and woman sitting on the ground near Independence Hall handcuffed for at least 10 minutes. The reason for their detainment: passing out fliers. What’s … Continue reading


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Suspect of the official suspects

By William R. Toler [Note: This post was written the first week after the manhunt. More details have emereged, yet some questions remain unanswered.] As I sat in the newsroom watching the tragic events in Boston unfold last week, I … Continue reading


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Former Marine detained, held for mental evaluation over Facebook posts

By William R. Toler In a move that would have only seemed possible to some during the Bush Administration, a Virginia man has been taken into custody and is being held against his will,¬†without criminal charges. Former Marine Brandon Raub … Continue reading

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There goes the Judge

By William R. Toler Shortly after 4 pm, FOX Business Network announced a reshuffling of programming which included cancelling Freedom Watch hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano. And Libertarians across the country are pissed. In a press release, the network announced … Continue reading

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NDAA causes controversy

By William R. Toler You wouldn’t think something as innocent-sounding as the National Defense Authorization Act would pose such a threat to the people of the nation. On first thought, it sounds like just funding the military….which is just what … Continue reading

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Congressman bans cameras, cops commit armed robbery

By William R. Toler In a shocking display of police state tactics, an Ohio Congressman banned and had cameras confiscated from individuals attending his town hall meeting. Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH) allegedly had signs placed in front of the venue … Continue reading

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More photog false arrests

By William R. Toler The last time I checked, photography was not a crime. But a rash of arrests this year would seem to suggest otherwise. We’ve already introduced you to the work of Carlos Miller who has documented an … Continue reading

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Open letter to AAA

The following is an open letter sent to the American Automobile Association by former IR contributor and former libertarian candidate Richard C. Evey. He makes a plea to the national orgaization to stand up for the rights of Americans that … Continue reading

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Police state precursor?

Could the paranoid ramblings of radio talk show host Alex Jones be coming true? Are we heading toward the era of martial law? One could draw that conclusion following the events in Helena-West Helena, Ark. where the city council has … Continue reading

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