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Reporter told not to record

By William R. Toler While covering a fatal fire near Aurora, NC, a television reporter was approached by a Beaufort County deputy who tried to prevent him from shooting. NewsChannel 12′s Mike Valerio said the deputy told him before he … Continue reading


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Carolina crop circles

By William R. Toler Alien intervention, paranormal prank or weather weirdness? Mysterious crop formations in western Craven County have locals buzzing. According to NewsChannel 12, the formations appeared in several wheat fields nearly two weeks ago along Rollover Creek Road. … Continue reading


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The wrong man walks away

By William R. Toler A recently arrested man is back on the streets thanks to an¬†incompetent jailer in Craven County. Newschannel 12′s Aisha Howard reports that while Sheriff Jerry Monette was holding a press conference lauding the arrest of Jonathan … Continue reading

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