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Court clerk makes commitment to openness

By Corey Friedman Jumbo shrimp, civil war and deafening silence are a few of our favorites. Clerk of Superior Court Andrew Whitley stepped in before “secret exhibit” became Wilson County’s unfortunate contribution to the English language’s long list of oxymorons. … Continue reading

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Town should strive for open government

By Corey Friedman As prominent voices join the chorus of concerned residents, it must be getting mighty difficult for Middlesex commissioners to keep plugging their ears.  Officials have thus far refused to seek Attorney General Roy Cooper’s opinion on whether … Continue reading

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Private college police reports should be public record

By Corey Friedman When a law is so hazy and imprecise that the state’s highest court can’t decide how to interpret it, all that’s left is for lawmakers to go back to the drawing board. Less than a month after … Continue reading

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