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Prohibition isn’t over…but it should be

By William R. Toler Eighty years ago, Congress decided to appeal a constitutional amendment with another constitutional amendment ending the nationwide ban on alcohol. The thirteen-year dry spell is known as and referred to as prohibition. And that ended. Well…sort … Continue reading

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Sweepstakes halls face a catch-22

By Corey Friedman Video sweepstakes halls operating in the city of Wilson have the worst of both worlds. On one hand, city officials will charge the businesses $1,000 for each computer monitor, a nuisance fee of sorts for the high … Continue reading

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Senator sings for Willie

By William R. Toler A white-haired politician sings in support of the red-headed stranger following a raid that may have been planned. State Senator Charlie Albertson recently recorded a song based on a┬álate January bust of Willie Nelson’s band by … Continue reading

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