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A modern-day poll tax for public notices

By Corey Friedman In the Jim Crow days of the early 1900s, state officials imposed a poll tax to prevent African-Americans and poor whites from voting. It took a decades-long civil rights struggle and a Supreme Court verdict to reverse … Continue reading

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Lottery ‘reform’ could hurt stores, schools

By Corey Friedman Some lawmakers think North Carolina shoudn’t have a state lottery. Instead of calling for an outright repeal — a gamble they’d likely lose — critics want to weaken the lottery with a growing list of restrictions. The … Continue reading

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Keeping carry permits open record could be a good thing

By Corey Friedman Some North Carolina lawmakers think the names of concealed handgun permit and gun purchase permit holders should be a state secret. State Sen. Buck Newton is sponsoring a bill to exclude gun permits from the North Carolina … Continue reading

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Film industry shouldn’t receive special treatment

By Corey Friedman North Carolina’s pristine beaches, majestic mountain views and quaint small-town streets are tailor-made for Hollywood. But by padding producers’ profits, the Tar Heel State pays a steep price to attract film and television companies. State lawmakers approved … Continue reading


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