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Eagle Scout arrested for gun, administrator previously let off lightly

By William R. Toler Instead of earning another merit badge,  a Johnston County Eagle Scout was apprehended by  a man with a different type of badge. David “Cole” Withrow was arrested for having a shotgun in his truck in the … Continue reading


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Jefferson and nose rings

By William R. Toler What does Thomas Jefferson have in common with nose rings? They’re both the subject of tonight’s updates. Monday, Johnston County Schools announced that it would drop it’s appeal for a dress code “violator” after a settlement … Continue reading

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Johnston County pierces through teen’s religious rights

By Joanna Carter Officials in Johnston County need a refresher course in the First Amendment. Ariana Iacono, a 15 year old student at Clayton High School, was suspended for having a nose ring that violated the school’s dress code. When … Continue reading

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