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Cash, property taken from Pitt County businesses in raid

By William R. Toler Earlier this month, heavily-armed gangs stormed nearly 30 Pitt County businesses in a calculated heist, stealing more than $30,000 in cash and other property. Sounds horrible, right? Mainstream news accounts read something more like this: Police … Continue reading

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Medical cannabis advocate arrested

By William R. Toler Medical cannabis activist Robert Dorr wanted to get arrested. Wednesday night, he got his wish. His brother tells the Independent Register that Dorr was arrested Wednesday evening and is, at the time of this writing, in … Continue reading


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Prohibition isn’t over…but it should be

By William R. Toler Eighty years ago, Congress decided to appeal a constitutional amendment with another constitutional amendment ending the nationwide ban on alcohol. The thirteen-year dry spell is known as and referred to as prohibition. And that ended. Well…sort … Continue reading

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