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N.C. develops plan to regulate drones, including photography limits

By Corey Friedman If loose lips can sink ships, loose language can crash a statewide plan to regulate drones before the first unmanned flying machines even get off the ground. Lawmakers on a special state panel approved a working draft … Continue reading

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Lenoir County: Stealing and spending

By William R. Toler In an effort to steal more money…I mean…raise revenue, Lenoir County Commissioners are going straight to the state. A bill proposed earlier this week would allow a slight increase (.25 percent) in the local sales tax, … Continue reading

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Buy the mile?

By William R. Toler North Carolinians could face a draconian driving tax if the politicians have their way. According to the Charlotte Observer, the state of North Carolina is considering implementing a tax on every mile driven to make up … Continue reading

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