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Profanity law’s repeal a good step toward reform

By Corey Friedman Those coarse words that escape many a driver’s lips in a traffic jam can no longer land you behind bars in North Carolina. The Regulatory Reform Act of 2015, a housecleaning bill designed to streamline the state’s … Continue reading

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N.C. law gives student groups more leeway in leadership selection

By William R. Toler [Note: the following was written as an article for the Richmond County Daily Journal.] HAMLET — Student groups at Richmond Community College and public colleges throughout the state now have more autonomy to select their leadership. … Continue reading

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Medical cannabis advocate arrested

By William R. Toler Medical cannabis activist Robert Dorr wanted to get arrested. Wednesday night, he got his wish. His brother tells the Independent Register that Dorr was arrested Wednesday evening and is, at the time of this writing, in … Continue reading


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Too many in the dark on sunshine laws

By Corey Friedman Leaders don’t always need legislative victories to sweep aside inconvenient laws. Sometimes, a misinformed majority is all it takes. From the governor’s mansion to a town hall in our own backyard, elected executives have decided they can … Continue reading

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