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Principal parodies are protected speech

By Corey Friedman Students who poke fun at their principal or skewer the superintendent through online parody pages could go to jail under a shortsighted state law passed last month. North Carolina’s School Violence Prevention Act defines building a fake … Continue reading

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Film industry shouldn’t receive special treatment

By Corey Friedman North Carolina’s pristine beaches, majestic mountain views and quaint small-town streets are tailor-made for Hollywood. But by padding producers’ profits, the Tar Heel State pays a steep price to attract film and television companies. State lawmakers approved … Continue reading


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Bev misrepresents state of emergency

By William R. Toler Former I.R. contributer Richard Evey brings up a good point: the governor cannot override a state law by a simple announcement. Last Thursday, as Hurricane Earl made its way toward the Tarheel State, Governor Bev Perdue … Continue reading

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Second Amendment suspended as storm draws near

By William R. Toler As the monstrous Hurricane Earl looms ever closer to the Carolina coast, gun carriers beware. Since many counties and municipalities have declared a State of Emergency, it is now illegal to travel with a firearm outside your … Continue reading

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NC faces Second Amendment suit

By William R. Toler North Carolina’s emergency powers are under scrutiny in a recent lawsuit. The Second Amendment Foundation filed suit late last month challenging a little-known provision of the state’s emergency powers that prohibits the sale and transportation of … Continue reading

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Is it just me?

By William R. Toler If you’ve read my bio, you may have seen that other than the I.R. I worked on Craven Community College’s Campus Communicator and another indie newspaper, the Beaufort Observer. In addition to writing, I also developed my skills … Continue reading

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NC DNA Bill: Collection before conviction

By William R. Toler With a few strokes of a pen, Gov. Bev Perdue signed away the Fourth Amendment rights of anyone charged with a violent crime. Not convicted, mind you, but charged. So much for presumption of innocence. At … Continue reading

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