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A modern-day poll tax for public notices

By Corey Friedman In the Jim Crow days of the early 1900s, state officials imposed a poll tax to prevent African-Americans and poor whites from voting. It took a decades-long civil rights struggle and a Supreme Court verdict to reverse … Continue reading

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Constitution: Still revoloutionary

By Corey Friedman Two and a quarter centuries after American patriots signed it with quill and ink, the Constitution and its guarantees of personal liberty are still revolutionary in much of the world. As we mark the Constitution’s 225th anniversary … Continue reading

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Orwellian world

By William R. Toler I often wonder if I’m becoming too paranoid. I’ve asked several people that question and haven’t really gotten a response. Although when I told my estranged wife I had just purchased 1984, she said I should … Continue reading

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Google bans terrorists

By William R. Toler Web wonders Google and YouTube have agreed to tighten up standards on postings, according to FOX News. Videos that “incite violence and hate speech” will be banned. Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) told FOX that terrorists have … Continue reading

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