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Amanda Billyrock takes a plea

By William R. Toler The trial of Amanda Billyrock didn’t exactly go as planned Monday morning. Instead of making the state prove her guilt in court, she decided it was in her best interest to take a deal and plead … Continue reading

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Billyrock caged, charges unknown

By William R. Toler Anarchist activist and libertarian femme fatale Amanda Billyrock will be sitting in a cage this weekend. According to Ademo Freeman of Cop Block, Billyrock was socializing with him and others when she was arrested. He says … Continue reading


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Cantwell kicked out of Free State Project for ‘aggressive’ speech

By William R. Toler Every group has drama. It’s gonna happen. For the past several days, there has been tension brewing in New Hampshire (and across the “liberty movement”) for the Free State Project board’s decision to excommunicate activist Chris … Continue reading


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Tanks, secrets and guns

By William R. Toler It’s the beginning of the week, but there are already several stories hitting the wires that you may or may not have seen yet. The city of Concord, NH is gearing up to acquire a tank. … Continue reading


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No cameras in Keene court

By William R. Toler A New Hampshire judge has banned the use of cameras and other recording equipment in the Cheshire County. According to FreeKeene.com, an administrative judge from the Circuit Court issued an “unsigned” order Friday that places a … Continue reading

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