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Suspect of the official suspects

By William R. Toler [Note: This post was written the first week after the manhunt. More details have emereged, yet some questions remain unanswered.] As I sat in the newsroom watching the tragic events in Boston unfold last week, I … Continue reading


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Former Marine detained, held for mental evaluation over Facebook posts

By William R. Toler In a move that would have only seemed possible to some during the Bush Administration, a Virginia man has been taken into custody and is being held against his will,¬†without criminal charges. Former Marine Brandon Raub … Continue reading

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TSA: Photographers are terrorists

By William R. Toler Photographers beware. You could be mistaken for a terrorist. As if taking pictures of police officers (blog coming soon) and government buildings wasn’t bad enough, now if you’re caught taking pictures of airplanes you could be … Continue reading

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A look back at Oklahoma

By Richard C. Evey April 19, 2010: 15 years since the Alfred P.¬†Murrah Federal Building (MFB) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was bombed. The story goes that Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and a third unknown person(?), loaded a rental truck with … Continue reading

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