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NC medical cannabis grower raided

By William R. Toler Last Thursday, men with guns broke into Todd Stimson’s home to steal plants. Stimson says he was brushing his teeth when he noticed police cars from the bathroom window. As he was going out to meet … Continue reading


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Libertarians protest exclusion

By William R. Toler While Sen. Richard Burr and Secretary of State Elaine Marshall were inside the studios of University of North Carolina Television trading accusations, a small group of ¬†people stood outside signaling their discontent. They weren’t just expressing … Continue reading

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Media continues to shaft third parties

By William R. Toler One thing that irks me working in the mainstream media is the omission of thrid party candidates. My support for third parties goes all the way back to the sixth grade when I pulled for Ross … Continue reading

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Beitler boasts 10 percent

By William R. Toler In a positive upswing for Libertarians,¬†US Senate candidate Mike Beitler garnered 10 percent of a recent poll according to PoliticsDaily.com. Republican incumbent Sen. Richard Burr pulled in a less-than-impressive 38 percent while Democratic nominee Elaine Marshall, … Continue reading

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