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Billyrock released, charges discovered

By William R. Toler After spending¬† nearly 12 hours in a cage, Amanda Billyrock¬† is free(r). Billyrock was arrested by police in Laconia, New Hampshire after a “routine traffic stop” for allegedly running a red light late Friday. At the … Continue reading

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Robin Hooders sued by city

By William R. Toler Another group of activists in New Hampshire has caught the wrath of the local government. Actually, it’s a lot of the same activists…with a different activity. The city of Keene has filed a lawsuit against six … Continue reading

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Freeman is a free(r) man

By William R. Toler Ademo Freeman is a free(r) man. The founder of Cop Block was released from jail in Manchester, NH in the wee hours of the morning Oct. 11…just before 5 a.m. Freeman, whose given name is Adam … Continue reading

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Lemonade, lactose and liberty

By William R. Toler As a writer, it would be great if my lead sentence could be: Lemonade will fill the Reflecting Pool in the nation’s capitol Aug. 17 &¬†18. But that’s probably not accurate. What is accurate is that … Continue reading

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