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Thoughts on minarchism

By Will Porter Minarchists claim that we need to have an institution who levies taxation just for some essential services. They claim that without this agency doing this, we would have all kinds of terrible problems, starving children, etc. Voluntaryists … Continue reading

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Green Party candidate arrested

By William R. Toler Jill Stein wasn’t at Tuesday night’s debate. Not just because as the Green Party candidate she wasn’t allowed to participate…but because she was arrested. According to RawStory.com, Stein and running mate Cheri Honkala were arrested after being … Continue reading

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Principal parodies are protected speech

By Corey Friedman Students who poke fun at their principal or skewer the superintendent through online parody pages could go to jail under a shortsighted state law passed last month. North Carolina’s School Violence Prevention Act defines building a fake … Continue reading

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Hyper partisanship: a Downward Spiral

By Justin A. Chick Since the advent of the United States and its application by our founding fathers, the party system of Democracy was designed to protect and represent our nation’s populace. Unlike the Monarchy of 18th century Great Britain, … Continue reading

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Free speech has stood the test of time

By Corey Friedman It was unprecedented. It was visionary. And 224 years later, its guarantees of personal freedom are still seen as radical throughout much of the world. On Sept. 17, 1787, statesmen signed the United States Constitution, the blueprint … Continue reading

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