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Suspect of the official suspects

By William R. Toler [Note: This post was written the first week after the manhunt. More details have emereged, yet some questions remain unanswered.] As I sat in the newsroom watching the tragic events in Boston unfold last week, I … Continue reading


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Usama inconsistencies

By William R. Toler The more we learn about the alleged incident with Usama bin Laden, the less we know. The official story coming from the White House and the mainstream media has more holes then bin Laden…if that was … Continue reading

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Mission finally accomplished?

By William R. Toler Newspaper headlines this morning all across the country heralded the same basic message: “WE GOT THE BASTARD.” News outlets began reporting on the assasination of America’s arch nemisis “Osama” bin Laden late Sunday night, with special … Continue reading

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Secret Knowledge

By Adam Carlson “The Devil’s greatest trick was convincing man that he does not exist.” What is “Secret Knowledge?” It is the true history and nature of a thing or an event that has been masked in part or in … Continue reading

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Swine flu sensationalism cause for control

By William R. Toler As an adherent of alternative media and an employee of the mainstream media, I’ve heard enough about the swine flu to make anyone’s head spin. With the rapid media attention and declarations that followed the initial … Continue reading

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