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Grounding drones a win for privacy

By Corey Friedman North Carolinians will largely be free from spying eyes high above their heads — at least for the next two years. State lawmakers included a provision in the 2013 Appropriations Act that prevents state and local authorities … Continue reading

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Golden Rule booed in S.C.

By William R. Toler “[C]an’t believe the golden rule got booed in SC. wow.” That was the status from a Facebook “friend” during the GOP debate Monday night in the Palmetto State. The Golden Rule, treat others as you would … Continue reading

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Usama inconsistencies

By William R. Toler The more we learn about the alleged incident with Usama bin Laden, the less we know. The official story coming from the White House and the mainstream media has more holes then bin Laden…if that was … Continue reading

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