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Onslow Sheriff’s shenanigans could cost his badge

By William R. Toler Poor wording, Freudian slip or blatant declaration? A campaign ad for Onslow County Sheriff Ed Brown contains a line that is disturbing to those who are conscious of the growing police state. The controversial section reads: … Continue reading


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The Failure Presidency

By Zac Goldstein History does not unfold in a vacuum, and neither do presidential terms. Nearly four years have passed since Barack Obama was elected, and in order to evaluate his tenure in the Oval Office, one must examine the … Continue reading

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Hoffa ‘hates’ on conservatives

By Chris Kling Did you hear what Jimmy Hoffa said at Obama’s de facto re-election rally that tax payers paid for? He was speaking to the union faithful, stirring up support for President Obama who would take the dais later. … Continue reading

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A wish, a hope and a vote

By Corey Friedman CHARLOTTE — Change was in the air. Really. The six-letter word was slathered on hundreds of┬áhandout and hand-lettered campaign signs that danced above the throng at Sunday’s “Change We Can Believe In” rally for Democratic presidential candidate … Continue reading

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