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Bearcats on the prowl in ENC

By William R. Toler Eastern North Carolina could see a few Bearcats roaming the streets in the near future. No, it’s not a panther on steroids. It’s a military-style assault vehicle, a species which is multiplying in cities and small … Continue reading

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Learn, teach the Constitution’s message of freedom

By Corey Friedman A senseless act of terror that killed three people and injured more than 250 others could lead to limits on individual rights that make the “land of the free” less so. A survey gauging Americans’ awareness of … Continue reading

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Suspect of the official suspects

By William R. Toler [Note: This post was written the first week after the manhunt. More details have emereged, yet some questions remain unanswered.] As I sat in the newsroom watching the tragic events in Boston unfold last week, I … Continue reading


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