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Learn, teach the Constitution’s message of freedom

By Corey Friedman A senseless act of terror that killed three people and injured more than 250 others could lead to limits on individual rights that make the “land of the free” less so. A survey gauging Americans’ awareness of … Continue reading

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Jefferson and nose rings

By William R. Toler What does Thomas Jefferson have in common with nose rings? They’re both the subject of tonight’s updates. Monday, Johnston County Schools announced that it would drop it’s appeal for a dress code “violator” after a settlement … Continue reading

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Surveillance Society

By William R. Toler As technology increases, both in the government and private sector, it seems that our right to privacy continues to decrease. Recently, Popular Mechanics reported that the Michigan State Police may have been using forensic analyzers on … Continue reading

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Secret Knowledge: The Area of Finance

By Adam Carlson In 1775, the American Revolution began. Although it is commonly taught that the reasons for this uprising centered on unfair taxations and a lack of representation for the colonies in Parliament, some believe there was a more … Continue reading

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