Suspect of the official suspects

By William R. Toler

[Note: This post was written the first week after the manhunt. More details have emereged, yet some questions remain unanswered.]

As I sat in the newsroom watching the tragic events in Boston unfold last week, I became suspicious…especially as it came to a conclusion. I believe my exact words were: “This story has more holes in it than that kid.” bros

Following the bombing, various theories of who the perpetrators were began to spring up: The left-wing lunatics saying it was a disgruntled, domestic gun-nut upset about pending firearms legislation; right-wingers, of course, placed blame on Islamic terrorists who “hate us for our freedom; and of course, there was the “conspiracy” crowd calling it a false-flag operation.

During the five-day ordeal, five lives were lost, including an eight-year-old boy and one of the FBI’s suspects.

As it turns out, the official story makes everyone happy. The suspects — Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — were domestic, Islamic “terrorists” who, according to the what “officials” tell us the surviving brother said, committed the heinous act because of US involvement in the Arab world, something to appease the libertarians. (That would be an example of “blowback“, which is what former Congressman Ron Paul was talking about when he was booed at a Republican debate in South Carolina.)

CNN caught a lot of flack for initially reporting that a “dark-skinned male” had been taken into custody as a suspect in the bombing. Boston police were quick to deny that anyone had been yet apprehended. It was later reported that a Saudi national had been deported.

Before the FBI released photos of their suspects, the social media site 4Chan was filled with still shots of possible suspects, none of which were the Tsarnaev brothers. The FBI added during their press conference that only the pictures they were showing were the suspected bombers and no others should be taken into consideration.

Later that night, shit hit the fan. A gas station was robbed, a police officer for MIT was shot and killed (another wounded) and police had a Hollywood-inspired shoot-out and car chase following a car-jacking where explosive devices were being thrown out of the stolen car. The suspects had unofficially been named as Mike Mulugeta and missing Brown University Student Sunil Tripathi. I compared photos of Tripathi with those released by the FBI and saw no resemblance. Tripathi was later found dead in the Providence River.

Reports based on scanner traffic said that Mulugeta had been shot. Television reports in the early hours showed a suspect laying face-down on a sidewalk with his hands cuffed behind his back. That man was later stripped naked. Then there were reports that one suspect was dead, another still on the loose and naked man was an accomplice.

Later that day, reports named the Tsarnaev brothers as the men in the pictures released by the FBI…but no mention of naked guy. Press For Truth released an interview with the aunt claiming naked guy was the older brother, who was very much alive. Business Insider reports police deny that claim.

Following a day-long lockdown of the area, after searching homes (without a warrant) Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was finally found…but not by police, by a homeowner who noticed something strange about his boat.

(For more on the Police State lockdown, check out this post by Natalina at Extraordinary Intelligence.)

So, now police have their man who is giving up more and more information every day as he recovers, including a plot to set off bombs in Times Square. But are these suspects the real bombers?

As I mentioned earlier, many photos circulating 4Chan pointed to other possible suspects. Out of all the “conspiracy theories” I’ve seen floating around, there is one that seems legit. It involves suspected members of the private security firm Craft International. (This organization was founded by Chris Kyle, the former sniper who was killed at a gun range in February.)

There are many pictures of Craft personnel carrying black backpacks similar to the one the FBI claims was used in one of the two explosions at the marathon. Judging by the FBI’s official photos that should be the only ones considered “real,” a black backpack with a silver reflective strip on top was shown as a piece of evidence recovered from the scene. Yet, the picture of Dzhokhar shows him with a light-colored backpack, and the one carried by Tamerlan looks more blue or dark grey. But those carried by Craft security look eerily similar  to the one in the FBI’s photo.

Photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev with dark-colored backpack.

Photo of Tamerlan Tsarnaev with dark-colored backpack.

Photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with light colored backpack.

Photo of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev with light colored backpack.


Photo of backpack used in bombing.







Photo of alleged members of Craft International.

Photo of alleged members of Craft International.



So, is this a false-flag? I can’t say one way or another, but there seems to be evidence to support it. While the mainstream media has ignored this altogether, the alternative media has been all over it. It should be noted, for what it’s worth, that the mother of the brothers believes they were set up to take the fall.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.



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  2. Richard

    When someone bombs something, they blame the bomber, When someone shoots someone, they blame the gun. Am I missing something?? THANKS

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