Six years gone and the dream lives on

It’s now been six years since the first issue of the Independent Register rolled off the presses and was distributed across CravenCounty.

A dream of three budding journalists fulfilled after three days of writing, editing and designing. The product of blood, sweat, tears and ink.

Sadly the life of the alternative newspaper was to be short. Five months to be exact. Nine issues in (mostly) glorious black and white.

But in 2008, new life was breathed into the dream when the current blog which you are reading was launched.

Although a tangible, print copy is no longer available, access to the works is unlimited on the internet, exposing the truth to the world.

As an alternative news source, the Independent Register strives to bring a view usually different from that found in the mainstream media.

The Register no longer covers news, but its founders share their contrarian commentary on a wide range of topics in this space. The beauty of being a blog, as the co-founders put it, is that “we can throw in our opinions, unlike a straight news story.”

As it was in the begining, the Independent Register is a strong defender of civil liberties. From free speech to warrantless searches and unlawful detainment, the writers bring stories of government and corporate overreach.

The founders regret the lack of updating due to their “paying gigs,” but continue their craft in some form.

Former Editor Corey Friedman has worked through the ranks of reporter for Freedom Communications-owned papers the Havelock News and Gaston Gazette to web editor and now city editor for the Shelby Star.

William R. Toler, photographer and features editor has traded still pictures for the moving type as he cuts video in the television news world for NewsChannel 12 and Fox Eastern Carolina News.

Sports guru Eric Voliva has returned to school as he cleans up his first novel attempt for publication.

As time goes on, the Independent Register will continue its quest to bring a blog focused on liberty and justice for all.



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  1. Richard Evey

    You guys have done a great job and have kept the public aware of what is really happening to this once great country, the good old US of A.

    Keep up the grreat work.

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