Second Amendment suspended as storm draws near

By William R. Toler

As the monstrous Hurricane Earl looms ever closer to the Carolina coast, gun carriers beware.

Since many counties and municipalities have declared a State of Emergency, it is now illegal to travel with a firearm outside your residence. Governor Bev. Perdue has also issued a state of emergency for the entire Tarheel State.

A little-known statute prohibits the sale and transportation of any dangerous weapon or substance during a state of emergency situation. It doesn’t matter that North Carolina is an open carry state or if you have a concealed carry permit. That also includes alcohol for your hurricane party…but could it also mean gasoline for your generators? Apparently not since the governor also signed an executive order suspending transoportation regulations.

Violaters of the statute, if charged and convicted, can be guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

But the mainstream media ignores to inform the public of this law, even after being notified.

There is no telling how long the state of emergency will be in effect. If it lasts into the weekend, then thousands of hunters will be criminals as dove season starts on Saturday.

There is currently a lawsuit against the state challeneging the statute.



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