Our resolution: To write more

We have had a less than productive year in 2015, with only three posts (four if you count the New Year’s entry) gracing the site — one of which wasIR_beach recycled.

IndieRegister founders Corey Friedman and William R. Toler have been busy at their paying gigs as editor and reporter, respectively, at the Richmond County Daily Journal in Rockingham, N.C.

The day-to-day operation of the small-staffed newspaper in the Sandhills has occupied so much of their time and mental energy, that they haven’t devoted much to this blog. Friedman was also editor of the weekly Cheraw Chronicle in neighboring South Carolina, which folded on the final day of the year, and was also handed the helm of the nearby Anson Record.

Co-founder Eric Voliva has spent his days stocking and selling shellfish at Beacon Seafood, the family business in Grandy, N.C.

So, for all the founders, writing took a back seat to relaxing after work.

We even failed to write our annual anniversary post — especially surprising since this year marked the 10th anniversary of the publication of the first edition of the Independent Register newspaper, published from September 2005 to January 2006.

To mark the occasion, Friedman and Toler joined Voliva at his home in mainland Currituck County, near the banks of the Currituck Sound, for a weekend of exploring the Outer Banks.

It was Friedman’s first trip to North Carolina’s barrier islands since moving to the Tar Heel State as a teenager.

The crew made the trek to Jockey’s Ridge State Park and walked along the beach in Nags Head during the heavy winds of a tropical system of the coast. The next day, they visited the lighthouse in Corolla, the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kill Devil Hills and drove down to Pea Island, before Friedman and Toler returned for another week of work.

This year, we hope to post at least one story a week, whether or not it was originally published elsewhere.

Thanks for reading.


The Wrong Brothers – -Corey Friedman, William R. Toler, and Eric Voliva — at the Wright Brothers National Memorial.



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