Profanity fine leads to planned protest

By William R. Toler

WARNING: In the spirit of free speech, this post is completely uncensored.

A recent decision by a Massachusetts town to fine foul language has spurred a massive, planned showing of civil disobedience.

Liberty activist Adam Kokesh announced on his online show “ADAM VS THE MAN” that he would be hosting the event Free FUCKING Speech Demonstration in Middleborough, MA. The profanity party is scheduled to take place at the Middleborough Town Hall June 25. The same town hall where residents voted 183-50 to impose a $20 fine on cussing in public, according to the AP .

“It’s 2012 and we haven’t figured out that being offended is fucking bullshit,” Kokesh queried. “That being offended by words is a way of emotionally bullying people into controlling their behavior? We still have to say, ‘Fuck censorship?’ You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!”

He also payed homage to the late George Carlin by repeating the 7 words you can’t say on television: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker motherfucker and tits.

The town decriminalized public profanity, which had been a bylaw on the books since the late 60s, but made it a citable offense. It is at the discretion of police officers to ticket violaters of theĀ  bullshit ban. So if you don’t want to have to pay a fine…don’t fuck up.

“I’m really happy about it,” said store-owner Mimi Duphily. “I’m sure there’s going to be some fallout, but I think what we did was necessary.”

“There’s gonna be some fuckin’ fallout alright,” Kokesh retorted as he read the article on his show.

Ken Paulson, president of the First Amendment Center, told the Wall Street Journal prior to passage that it is difficult to legislate against profanity and that most cursing is constitutionally protected. He also said the Middleborough restriction seems too vauge.

However, there is provision set by First Amendment case law where speech can be regulated if it were to incite violence: the so-called “Fighting Words Doctrine.” You can legally say, “I’m fucked up.” But if you scream at someone across the street, “I’m gonna fuck you up,” then you’re in trouble.

So, will the protesters be fucked with fines, or will they make a damn difference? We’ll keep you updated.



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  1. Everything Offends

    Holy cow! Are you serious?

  2. When I was 13 in 1957 I stood with a friend, on a corner in the Bronx and we continuously said “Fuck” out loud for about 10 minutes. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…etc. I didn’t realize I was protesting my 1st Amendment rights but I did have a personal sense of my innate right to say whatever the fuck I want to say as long as I don’t advocate violence against innocents. Adam Kokesh is like most of us – not offended by people’s words but on a constitutional level – No one has the constitutional right to be offended by free speech. It’s like if someone says you can’t say certain words you say “Fuck you and the horse you rode in on”. :)

  3. I take this community does not watch T.V.? and just curious but just how are they planning to implement that stupid law? unless you are stupid enough to curse in front of a policeman, are they going to install recording devices everywhere? with video of course, since you can always say that’s not your voice. Are they going to have to go to court to prove it? or if you upset your neighbor can he just call the police, say you were cursing and they just write you a ticket with no proof? Boy sometimes I wonder if it is worth to save this Country at all, with so many idiots running rampant and issuing idiotic and stupid regulations like these you wonder what’s the use? why fight? Ron Paul President 2012

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