NC city plans to limit speech

By William R. Toler

As pointed out in this blog before, the threat of tyranny comes not only from the overreaching federal government, but also from local elected officials on a power trip.

A city council in the Triad is considering altering a public assembly ordinance that would further limit free speech, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

In an apparent response to the Occupy movement, some council members in Winston-Salem, one the state’s largest cities, thought it would be a good idea to change an ordinace which would among other things “temporarily” make City Hall non-public property, and prohibit open-air meetings.

According to the Journal, permits are not currently required.

The proposal came from Council member Dan Besse who also thought it would be a good idea to try and pass it without public notice…and the city’s attorney agrees that it doesn’t need public notice.

And of course, the reason is all in the name of “public safety.”

Luckilly, some of the other council members found the proposal disturbing and the topic has been put on hold for next month.

“What happened to the notice and the public hearing?” asked council member Wanda Merschel.

How could City Hall not be public property? It was built using tax money, is supported through taxes and even the council members are paid with taxes. Taxes that come from the public.



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  1. Being from the Carolina’s I find it hard to see that some of the most tyrannical politics comes out both North and South Carolina. Jeff Davis would be spinning in his grave if he could see this.

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