Medical cannabis advocate arrested

By William R. Toler

Medical cannabis activist Robert Dorr wanted to get arrested. robert

Wednesday night, he got his wish.

His brother tells the Independent Register that Dorr was arrested Wednesday evening and is, at the time of this writing, in the Union County jail.

Both Dorr and his brother said the deputies weren’t thuggish. “They were very compassionate towards his situation which surprised me,” the brother said. “One said that he actually understands why and made mention of legal drugs being worse than the illness and that he believed it will be legal in the next five years or so…”

The jail’s website lists Dorr as being charged with manufacturing a schedule VI controlled substance. It’s possible that more charges may be added at his first appearance. His ransom is currently set at $25,000 for his victimless “crime.”

Dorr told the IR earlier this week that he had called the district attorney’s office and the sheriff’s office to let them know what he was doing and left his address. He also said he made several calls Wednesday prior to his arrest.

Dorr is a passionate protestor for the cause of medical marijuana. Many of his Facebook posts are about the subject. He has even posted pictures of his plants, knowing that could lead to being thrown in a cage.

A photo album on Facebook  mentions his intention and calls out Gov. Pat McCrory:

My name is Robert Dorr. If you saved my email you already have my address and admission to growing cannabis in my home for the last 8 months. I’M DOING IT RIGHT NOW!! People in this state are afraid because of your inaction. You did not provide the leadership within your own party to bring about floor debate on NC – 84, a disgusting failure on your part.
{Note: The bill’s title was H.B. 84}

He  started a petition on to Gov. McCrory with the title: Stop Prosecuting Patients: Make Medical Marijuana Legal. So far, it only has 167 of the 1000 supporters needed.

During the summer, Dorr attended a protest in Henderson County in support of Todd Stimson. Stimson, who runs the Blue Ridge Medical Cannabis Research Corporation, had been raided in July and a protest had been organized for his first court date.

{Disclosure: I helped organize the rally and met Dorr at that time.}

“[W]e ought not do this in this state,” he told WLOS at the protest. “We ought not do this anywhere and I’m here for the fight and so are these guys.”


Sheriff Eddie Cathey
Union County Sheriff
334 Presson Road
Monroe, NC 28112
Jail: 704-283-3641



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6 Responses to Medical cannabis advocate arrested

  1. Darkwing

    If the Gestapo were so nice and cared WHY the hell did they not let him go. The Gestapo were two faced Bastards. They could say that it was a mistake and walk away.

  2. Well…..I live in South Carolina and I don’t smoke medical marijuana. Do I want to…heck yes but I am not stupid. If I want to give any credibility to the movement that the officials are always saying we are all druggies and all break the law we must not give them fuel for the fire. I do not use any drugs. I will take any type of drug test whenever they want. I am trying to show that although I medically need the herb I will stand on the side of the law. I want the law changed and when it is ,I expect them to honor that law as I do the current one. How can we expect to be taken seriously when we don’t act as responsible voters and constituents. Does this leave a bad taste in my mouth…yes and I hate kissing the butt of the “man” but I suppose as an elderly disabled woman nearer to 60 than 50 I have learned over the years you can get more done when,you work inside the laws and not outside them. Is it right? No but it is what it is. How can we get the laws changed? By education. We have to educate the entire east coast that medical marijuana is NOT smoking a joint with a child or a bowl with granny. The people on the east coast are not aware that the majority of medical marijuana is eaten not smoked. They are not aware of the studies showing the many medical miracles that this god given herb is capable of. But if we have any chance of swaying the voters and we do have to sway them we must do so in an intelligent,insightful manner. If we run around breaking the law snubbing our noses and pointing our middle finger at the current laws we are only giving ammunition to our opponents. We need to take notice of the Washington state movement and how they consistenly hammered away,at the lies and propaganda with an insightful and respectful campaign that simply gave the voters the truth. Once the voters were made aware of the healing qualities of the plant the laws were changed. Perhaps we who are so passionate about the legalization of MM need to realize the old saying you can take a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. People refer to my state as one of the Bible Belt states and I respond yes thank god. For I have gratefully learned one thing in this campaign and that is once a Christian has been educated they will be one of the first to sign aboard…why becuse a Christian is if nothing else is compassionate to the suffering of others.sometimes we must walk the path we do not want to get to the desired destinations. And after all the focus is not on the journey it is on the destination. And our agreed destination is the legalization of medical marijuana for the sick and ill of our states. So it saddens me to no end to see the in fighting among those of us with the same goal. All we do is give the “opposition” all the fuel they need to crush us all. So can we all just not get along for the sake of “our” cause. God bless you all.

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