Lethal force against law enforcement OK’d in Indiana

By William R. Toler

A new law in Indiana has liberty activists cheering and law enforcement cringing.

A recent addition to the state’s Castle Doctrine bill gives residents the greenlight to use lethal force to protect their homes and vehicles from someone barging in, even if that person is a “public servant,” according to Bloomberg News.

The addition stems from a state Supreme Court decision last year that ruled residents had “no right to reasonably resist unlawful entry by police officers.” Yes, you read that right. The court ruled that you have no right to resist UNLAWFUL entry by police officers.

Now, with the state’s new law, you can…at least if you’re in Indiana.

“There are bad clergy, bad doctors, bad teachers, and it’s these officers that we’re concerned about that when they act outside their scope and duty that the individual ought to have a right to protect themselve,” said Sen. R. Michael Young, who authored the bill.

The bill was supported by the National Rifle Associaion and, understandably, lobbied against by police.

“If I pull over a car and I walk up to it and the guy shoots me, he’s going to say, ‘Well, he was trying to illegally enter my property,’” said Sgt. Joesph Hubbard “Somebody is going get away with killing a cop because of this law.”

However, it could mean more innocent people could die by taking up arms to protect their home, even if they never fire a shot. There have been too many cases of raids gone wrong where innocents have lost their lives or been injured. Last year, former Marine Jose Guerena was killed during a SWAT raid, where officers unloaded 71 rounds.

If police would follow the law and the Constitution they took an oath to uphold, then there would be no reason for a law like this.



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  1. Richard

    I have a copy of the law and am reading closely. This could give notice to LEO’s that they should do things by the book: WARRENT, anounce their entry, have the CORRECT address. It is not that difficult.

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