It’s that time again…

It hardly seems like eight years since the first grueling weekend of news coverage& late-night layout sessions resulting in the eight-page first effort of a short-lived dream come true. ir8

This year’s anniversary post will be a bit different. How many times can one reminice about the same thing and keep it different?

The first editorial in the Independent Register was a plea to Wilmington filmmakers to look to New Bern as a potential location for projects. The op-ed accompanied an article about the late Frank Capra, Jr. giving a speech at Craven Community College.

“City and county leaders should invite studios to share the town’s rich history, vibrant downtown and bucolic backyards with audiences across the world.”

Although we’d like to take credit for the new FOX show Sleepy Hollow being shot partly in the Bear City…we can’t. Several sites, including Tryon Palace and Cedar Grove Cemetery, have served as backdrops in the modern day spin on the Washington Irving classic. We can only hope more production compaines decide to take advantage of the natrual beauty of eastern North Carolina.

As mentioned last year, each founder continues to grow in his journey through life.

Corey Friedman won yet another award from the North Carolina Press Association, bringing the total to an even dozen. In addition to reporting on crime and maintaining the web content for The Wilson Times, he also writes editorials for the paper, most of which can be read on this site.

Eric Voliva is in the process of editing his first novel for publication, labor of love that’s been his goal for the past several years. He’s also become somewhat of a philosopher, pondering interactions with and even the necessity of government.

William R. Toler has become more of an activist, not just in his writing but also out in the real world. In July, he helped organize a rally in support of Todd Stimson, a medical marijuana grower in the western part of the state. He continues maintain the content for Carolinas Cop Block website and the Facebook page. In June, he represented Cop Block at the Libertarian Party of North Carolina convention.

A recent post by Toler about a local town’s police department planning to get a military-style assault vehicle spurred local activists to organize an effort to thwart the purchase.

It’s reactions like this that make us enjoy what we do…and will continue to do.



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