I.R. founders bleed red, white and blue

By William R. Toler

Let it not be said that the three founders of the Independent Register are not patriotic.

To the contrary, we are patriots in the truest form.

We stand for the ideals this country was founded on. We excercise and defend the Bill of Rights.

We observe the happenings around the nation and report on infringements of the rights of the people. From the arrest of a woman for uttering one obscenity in a public place to the government’s overzealous actions in the name of national security…we expose and chime in with our proverbial two-cents’ worth. 

It is our duty to inform. For those who are not informed will be easily manipulated by the government that is becoming increasingly out of touch with its original intent.



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  1. Richard C. Evey

    Who ever said that you were not, the system has gotten to them. You guys are more PATRIOTS than all of past and current congress and presidents combind. I commend you for your work and the b_lls to stand up to the system. We can save this REPUBLIC.

  2. Tracy

    Its refreshing to finally see that someone is finally standing up and saying what really should be said. Mainstream media is too biased.

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