Government takes aim at ammo

By William R. Toler

The popular pro-gun phrase “You can have my gun…bullets first” may be the first step to severely dismantling the Second Amendment.

The Ammunition Accountabiltity Act is being introduced in 18 states, including North Carolina neighbors South Carolina and Tennessee.

On the surface, especially to those not passionate about the Second Amendment, the Ammuntion Accountabilty Act sounds like a good idea in helping law enforcement officials track down criminals. But it imposes even more restrictions and data mining than we’re already dealing with.

 According to the special interest group behind the Big Brother legislation, “Ammunition coding technology assigns a unique code to every round of ammunition manufactured, and by recording sales records, law enforcement personnel will be able to easily trace the ammunition involved in a crime and have an avenue to pursue and solve even the most difficult cases.”

The South Carolina bill states that “all noncoded ammunition owned by private citizens and retail outlets must be disposed”  of by Jan. 1, 2012. Missouri calls for disposal of noncoded ammo a year earlier, and anyone in posession is guilty of a Class A Misdeanor. Indiana is proposing a $.o5 fee per round of coded amunition. Well…let’s call it what it is…a tax.

“Section 23-31-630.    (A)    The State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) shall establish and maintain an Ammunition Coding System Database (ACSD) which shall contain a list of all ammunition manufacturers and vendors who must register with SLED before January 1, 2010. Information contained in the ACSD may be released only to a law enforcement agency in connection with a criminal investigation.

The South Carolina bill also calls for vendors to keep records for seven years of all sales, loans and transfers of ammuntion. It also calls for records to be kept for three years including the following information: date of transaction; name of purchaser; the purchaser’s driver lisence number and date of birth; the unique identifier of the ammo purchased; and “any other information that SLED may require.”

The price of ammunition has gone up as well. The Dallas Morning News reported that some calibers have risen only 10 percent, while others have more than doubled.

As if Big Brother isn’t collecting enough information on us, now “he” will know how much ammo we buy and when and where we buy it…even if we pay cash. When will the madness stop?



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  1. Richard C. Evey

    North Carolina wants you to obtain a permit to buy ammo, just like buying a weapon. This is ment to stop the bad guy, but the bad guy does not follow the law anyway, so it is not going to stop them. These laws will do nothing but harm the law biding citizen, reloading will be no more. This is the camels nose under the tent flap. The price of ammo will be up 50%, curtail the buying of ammo and when the time comes, no one will be able to defend themselves, not against the bad guy but against the Gestapo, sorry Government.

  2. hillbilly


  3. CodyAnne

    I second Mr. Evey’s comment.

  4. Greatings,
    Not sure that this is true) but thanks


  5. Mike Jensen

    Efforts at gun control in the US are a waste of time and tax payer money. It has been proven over and over it does not work………I’m a long time and strong Democrat. We need to break away from this faction within the Party

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