Cop Blocker confronts officers on speeding

By William R. Toler

While driving through the streets of Winston-Salem, a concerned individual noticed two police officers breaking the law.

Clyde Voluntaryist, founder of Carolinas Cop Block and Never Take a Plea, followed the two cruisers until they parked. He witnessed the officers driving 56 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone along I-40 Business.

He walked up to them, recording of course, to question them about their speeding.

“I didn’t realize it,” the first officer responded when confronted about his transgression. When Clyde asked if he thought his badge granted extra rights, the officer suggested Clyde contact his supervisor, and kept walking. He did, however, pause to give his badge number: 390.

Clyde then recorded the car and license plate numbers of the first officer before walking to the other car, waiting patiently for the second officer to get out. That officer, badge number 796, replied with, “I don’t recall,” when asked about speeding and continued walking.

When I visited Clyde and Cop Block co-founder Pete Eyre back in July, we witnessed a Winston-Salem officer make a U-turn…in front of a “No U-turn” sign.

I’ve had state troopers and Craven County deputies blow past me with no lights and apparently, to quote Chuck Berry, “no particular place to go.” One night, two deputies sped around me just to pull into a local volunteer fire department parking lot to chitchat.

I guess badges DO grant extra rights.



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  1. Richard

    Remember “Animal Farm”, “We are all equal, some are more equal than others”.

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