Cabbie arrested at CCC

By William R. Toler

Craven Community College in New Bern went on lockdown Wednesday morning after someone spotted a man with a gun.

Linwood Avery was arrested after someone spotted his holstered 9 mm handgun when he got out of his cab to assist his handicapped passenger.

The man was charged with a misdemeanor for having a firearm on educational property. Police say he was charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony because the gun was holstered and he wasn’t posing an immediate threat. A blazer Avery used as a cab was later towed.

“You’re never certain of what kind of threat it is until you can have your security folks acertain that,” Sandy Wall, CCC’s PR flack told Newschannel 12 . “Our sheriff’s deputies on campus and campus security respond appropriately and took the individual into custody.”

But should he have been taken into custody? Sure…it’s illegal to posess a firearm on educational property, but let’s look at the situation.

A cabbie, who makes a living driving people around, most likely has the gun for protection. And who can blame him for that? I’m pretty sure he also has a permit.

Not knowing about the law…and even if he did, he may not have thought about it…steps out of the car to help his handicapped passenger.

He could have taken it out and left it in the car…but that still wouldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t be seen. If someone walked by while he was assisting his passenger and spotted it, he could have also been charged with concealing a weapon.

So…what other options would this man have? Drop a handicapped student off at the intesection of College Drive and Glenburnine Road and make them walk to the back of campus?

This may also hurt his business. If he continues to carry a firearm, which he has every right to do as guaranteed (not given) by the Second Amendment, he has limited options:

  • Do not accept passengers to or from CCC
  • Do not carry a firearm
  • Drop students off before entering campus

Hopefully the court will have pity on Avery’s unintentional violation and drop his charges.



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  1. Richard C. Evey

    Pity, my ass. I know the Craven courts and the A-holes on the bench. According to them, You as citizens do not have a right to a weapon. Protection comes from the law enforcement of this city, county and state, that is what the A-hole told me in court.

  2. lilmsnobody

    Stop voting for these a-holes to the bench and half the problem would be solved. They didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to take the bench we voted them there. As a community we all need to stop allowing these same a-holes that do a half ass job to stay on the bench.

    This type of crap will continue as long as we keep talking about it instead of doing something about them and all their little buddies.
    I am sick of reading and talking about it. They have wronged so many people, but do you see any of the people getting together going to Raleigh and complaining or filing a class action against them.

    No, you don’t most of the poeple in our area are yellowed tailed, so what happens is the a-holes stay in the position that we the f-ing people voted them into and the cycle continues.
    Stop talking about it and do something about it!!

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