Buehler found guilty of cussing at cop

By William R. Toler


Antonio Buehler before his trial.
Courtesy: Mike Hanson Archives

A Texas activist was found guilty Wednesday night for cussing at a cop.

Antonio Buehler, co-founder of the Peaceful Streets Project (and West Point graduate), fought a disorderly conduct charge and lost…netting a whopping $1 fine plus $64 in court costs.

Buehler sarcastically referred to the trial as a “Good use of resources, government.”

The charge stems from an incident in March. Buehler was at the trial of a friend in Gonzales, Texas when he and a few friends were kicked out of court.

Buehler followed Cpt. Gayle Autry outside with a video camera in hand questioning him. After Autry began to walk away, Buehler said, “Go fuck yourself.” Autry immediately turned around, stormed back over and arrested Buehler.

The trial began between 5-6 pm, with the judge denying all motions made by Buehler because they were not “timely.” Buehler also requested that Judge Deidra D. Voigt recuse herself, since she was the judge who kicked him out in March, leading to his arrest.

Following jury selection, Buehler posted: “Most said they wouldn’t hold hands with their partner if a law forbade it.”

A source close to the case tells the IR the Buehler repeated “Go fuck yourself” more than a dozen times during the course of the trial while describing free speech.

After a 4-hour trial, the jury (who seemed to be in favor of words on paper, no matter what is written) returned the verdict of guilty.

Buehler said he plans to appeal the verdict.



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13 Responses to Buehler found guilty of cussing at cop

  1. I was charged in a similar incident here in Georgia and Cynthia Counts won my case and now I’m looking at making the doughnut grazers pay.

    Antonio Buehler did the right thing by taking his case to trial, but I sure wish he had my lawyer! Search Google for Amy Barnes marietta ga cursing arrest cobb county and you will find the news on my own case.

  2. Steve Harvey

    Go antonio! Cops are a bunch of faggots!

  3. T Madison

    Yes, he was found “guilty”. What was the penalty for this guilt? Great spin by the way.

  4. Donna Voetee

    The REAL story here is why did this incident escalate to the point of arrest?
    I was one of those kicked out of the courtroom in March. Antonio was enraged, like many of us, at how Judge Voigt was abusing minors with (in)justice. These poor children were being fined exorbitant amounts, mocked and told to ‘get a job’ (they were about 14-15 yr old) to pay their fines, and other abuses. It was shocking and unsettling to see the Texas “School to Prison Pipeline” in action. So, Antonio started taping it. Judge Voigt saw it and demanded he hand over the camera. When the judge left for recess, she took the camera with her (trying to hide it from those of us in the room) instead of leaving it in the custody of the bailiff. When she came back from recess, she asked if anyone else was taping, and one man answered, “Yes. YOU are.” He pointed to the cameras positioned around the room. The judge ordered everyone out of the courtroom, except for media and what appeared to be a couple of female friends of the judge.

    I was there to observe my friend’s day in court, but I was not allowed to, and I am very upset at that. I thought this was America, not England’s Star Chamber secret proceedings. I wonder, just what is Judge Voigt afraid of? Well, I was there and I saw her attitude. She probably left a big wet spot on that black robe when she saw that somebody had the backbone to tape the abuse (maybe that’s why she called the recess and was gone a couple of hours…she had to go home and change!). I am not a lawyer, but I am a mother and grandmother. I am so sorry for those children who came before her that day. They certainly did not get justice.

  5. Donna Voetee

    One more comment on the verdict itself:
    Liberty took a hit today. The jury judged wrongly. They voted against free speech and the law. Not Guilty was the only honorable judgment. The $1 said they were double-minded ~~ wanting to please the Court, but also seeing how he was innocent. If they thought he was truly deserving of a guilty verdict, the fine would have been higher. I hope that none of them can get to sleep tonight, but sadly, that’s probably not the case with automatons. Big Brother wins again.

  6. Richard

    Ms. Voetee: They will sleep well tonight and all nights, because they do not give a fuck about “We the People”.

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  8. Kyle

    I think Mr. Buehler is brave and his efforts are inspiring. However, it is said that ‘someone who acts as their own lawyer has a fool for a client.’ This is true, because despite being a West Point graduate and obviously intelligent, Antonio doesn’t know courtroom rules — especially regarding disclosure, motions and procedure.
    I am worried his appeal may lack the necessary elements to overturn the verdict, since his pre-trial mistakes may foil his post-trial efforts.
    Keep up the good work, Antonio, but you need to get an attorney!

    • John

      Kyle: The exact phrase goes, “An attorney that represents himself has a fool for a client.” Pro se criminal defendants have at least an equal acquittal rate as those represented by an attorney. Wiki “pro se”. BTW, he appealed his conviction to county court, to which he received a mistrial (split 3/3) and then the charges were eventually dropped. He did however retain two attorneys by that point.

  9. Tara

    Antonio is the little guys hero. I hope you read this Antonio because I’d like to thank you for striving to protect our civil rights. I wish I had half the guts you have! You are a brave and honorable person of the highest degree.

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