Another Waco?

By Richard C. Evey

I have often wondered and people have asked me: When will the government stop the over taxation, over spending, abuse of our freedom, the unconstitutional laws, endless wars, abuse of power and when will the American people say ENOUGH??

When will the American people take a stand and tell the government to return government back to government by and for the people and not by and for the elected officials and the wealthy?

What will it take: another WACO, RUBY RIDGE?

IF it happened, would the American people see and listen to the real truth or to what main stream media and the government tells them and would the American people step up to the plate and defend the people being abused. Would the American people take that stand and fight the government, not just with words but meeting force with force?

Those of us who remember Waco and the government lies that lead up to the murder of 80 plus people, we know that the government is totally evil. Search for and watch the movie “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” for the real truth. Read the real story of Ruby Ridge and the murder of two innocent people at the hands of the government Gestapo.

What would have happened if the American people stood up for those at Waco and took on the federal Gestapo?

If the American people did take a stand and took on the government, these people would have to make a very tough decision. Am I willing to die for these people, who I do not know and for what our founding fathers died for. Am I willing to take the chance that I may never see family, friends, never be able to see the sun rise or set ever again? Am I willing to die for the freedom and liberty of others that come along later, am I going to die and nothing will change?  Our founding fathers went to war, no doubt, with the same thoughts. Would you be willing to make that choice and that sacrifice? Ever Watch the Movie “The Patriot”?

Our founding fathers put their lives on the line for the American people and only three percent took the stand with them. Ten percent helped and the rest of the people stood by and waited to see what the final outcome was.

As one of our founders said “If we do not hang together, we will certainly hang separately.”

When our founders signed the Declaration of Independence, they were signing their death warrant if the revolution failed. I ask any of you: could you, would you, should you do the same??

I ask the question, I beg the question, what will it take to turn this once great country around and take it back to what our founders worked so very hard for and yes, a lot of them died for?

The electoral process is so corrupt, rigged and unfair. It is a recorded fact that less than 50% of those who can vote are registered and only 25% of those people actually vote. Sending letters to the many elected officials does little to change their minds. Hell, the American people are lucky if their elected official even reads the bills that the elected people vote on.

The people forming demonstrations do little to influence the elected people. But the main stream media have a great time: criticizing, bashing and talking about it for days on end. The government Gestapo gets in the middle and sends in their agents to start trouble and they act like the innocent victims and the government strikes back and gets all the good press. Then the demonstrators are viewed as the criminals and are labeled as unpatriotic.

What will it take to turn this country around? An armed revolt? But are there enough people willing to die for what they really believe in? Will we, those that believe in freedom and liberty, be the only ones to take a real stand and draw that line in the sand?

Would you be willing to take a stand and maybe die for what you believe in?

Will you be part of the THREE PERCENT, the TEN PERCENT or will you just sit back and wait for the final solution?

Does it have to come to that or even close to that? Does anyone really what that to happen?

Deep down we all want it to be better and safer with FREEDOM and LIBERTY FOR ALL.

We must save this REPUBLIC!



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  1. FreddieMoore

    Its an Evolution we need not revolution ( they want and are instigating that) We cast our effective ballots at the cash register. The fiat FRNs are part of the Feds Ponzi scam which requires constant growth , therefore any restrictions in the flo will slo the machine. Its happening now with them in control, it came be done with us in control. An educated consumer ( on the corporate behavior and hierarchy , not product ) is their worst enemy.Investigate, does this beverage company have a division that make bombs? Don’t like bombs? Stop making the purchase and make it known , to everyone , why. Corrupt courts? Try them in the emotional court of Public Opinion. Its allot faster and cheaper.
    Even a very short boycott can have a tremendous impact on a corporation. Not only a direct hit to the bottom line but the spook it will put in its stock ‘value’. As far as the government corp. and its traitor trough feeding minions (corp and sheeple) same thing. Unfortunately your question has already been answered on TEA PARTY day. Can you imagine if every one who attended a tea party( because they know the LAW ) didn’t go just before the rally and file their fiat taxes? Then went down the next day and demanded ( with the proper ‘legal’ forms ) that their employer stop voluntary withholding and SS. Stop their cash flo. What are they gonna do? Send the irs to get us all? Even if they tried, the shear numbers would ensure that no one would ever get their day in court because the agents all would be without paychecks long before anyone’s court date. Then if everyone exercised their own personal sovereignty and expatriate ( 15 Statute at Large )with the US inc and go from a 14th amend wage slave corporate ‘citizen’ and became a 13th amend united States of America Sovereign it would be a new ball game. Then as Sovereigns , demand that their servant staff ( the congress ) adhere to their sacredly sworn sacred covenant with We The People. If not …FIRE them. Then take $30 or $40, go down and further bog ‘the system’ by filing civil and or criminal charges for dereliction, malfeasance, racketeering, and maybe even treason, with civil damages ( $ ) for infringement of your Sovereign Freedoms . But I am dreaming here. It is obvious, most americans can not face the moral imperative or its responsibility, because they are cowards. I agree that if people understood the Hegelian Dialectic and false flag fear events maybe it would stimulate testosterone production and testicular growth and prevent the next ‘order out of chaos’ power grab, and preserve our Liberty. The way to personal Sovereignty is simple. It just takes a little knowledge and allot of courage, to face the fear without fear. The Moral Imperative.

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