9 years down the ‘Shabby Road’

It seems a bit ironic that the first issue of the Independent Register rolled of the presses the day following the 36th anniversary of The Beatles’ classic album

Photo by Deanna Barbour

Photo by Deanna Barbour

“Abbey Road.”

It wasn’t planned.

In fact, it was only just realized, 9 years later.

The three co-publishers often jokingly referred to themselves as a boy band, although Eric and William are barely marginal guitarists and Corey couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it.

The trio also saw their similarities to the Fab Four: Corey and Will an equal mixture of John and Paul (with a few George attributes for Toler) and Eric was likened to George. As for Ringo…eh.

It, then, seems only fitting that the iconic cover photo was mimicked not once…but twice. During a photo shoot by Heather K. Millis and Deanna Barbour earlier this year, they recreated  Shabby Road (originally taken in 2009 by “the fifth Beatle” Evan Brinkley) and attempted the cover of Rubber Soul. Both sans Ringo.

They never had a Ringo.

The first issue of the short-live, fledgling newspaper was the result of a grueling weekend of coverage, photos, writing and page designing.

Photo by Heather K. Millis

Photo by Heather K. Millis

From flooding to football to “Motorcylces and Money.”

There was very little sleep to be had in the small brick home referred to as Fort Insanity.

Despite having a few embedding problems at the Carteret News-Times press, they were pleased with the result. It was a dream come true.

Sadly, due to financial pressures, the paper folded the following January and the founders went their separate ways.

Corey went on to work at three newspapers in the late-Freedom Communications chain, then to the Wilson Times, racking up a number of state press awards.

William also stayed in the industry, with a more varied career consisting of a year at another start-up weekly, a brief stint in advertising and 6 years in television. He also maintained this blog and contributed to alternative sites Cop Block and Photography is Not a Crime.

Eric began penning a novel and went back to Craven Community College, where the trio got started working on the Campus Communicator together, and finished up his associates degree.

Earlier this year, Corey took the helm as editor of the Richmond County Daily Journal in Rockingham.

Photo by Evan Brinkley

Photo by Evan Brinkley

A month later, he brought William on board as a reporter and photographer.

Still retaining a bit of that independent spirit, the pair have brought topics such as jury nullification, medical cannabis and police militarization to their readers.

Although much hasn’t been posted lately, IndieRegister.com still aims to bring news and libertarian views to the world and a redesign is planned by the 10th anniversary.

Stay tuned.



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